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Composted Chicken Manure

Composted Chicken Manure is a high performance complete organic fertilizer at a more affordable price than many other organic fertilizer products. Composted Chicken Manure provides NPK, Calcium, Magnesium, other micronutrients, provides a natural slow release, and helps improve soil texture and moisture retention. Its nutrient density is approximately 5 times higher than that of Steer Manure.

Composted Chicken Manure can be mixed into the soil, applied onto the soil surface as mulch, or used to brew a nutrient rich compost tea.


Composted Chicken Manure is derived from poultry litter, which is a combination of chicken manure and sawdust. This manure is temperature checked through the composting process to ensure sufficient temperatures are reached to destroy weed seeds and kill pathogens, and ground to ensure a uniform texture. Frankia sources Chicken Manure from an organic-attested composting facility near Portland, Oregon.

INGREDIENTS: 100% composted poultry litter (chicken manure and sawdust).


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Guaranteed analysis

Total Nitrogen (N): 3.0%

Water Insoluble Nitrogen: 3.0%

Water Soluble Nitrogen: 0.0%

Available P2O5: 2.5%

Soluble Potash K2O: 2.5%

Calcium (Ca): 2.5%

Magnesium (Mg): 0.5%


Canada’s Organic Production Systems Permitted Substances List (CAN/CGSB 32.311-2015) states that animal manures treated by mechanical and/or physical (including heat) methods are permitted.

Frankia Composted Chicken Manure is composted for 3-6 months, temperature tested to ensure sustained temperatures high enough to kill pathogens, then is ground before being run through a grinder. This meets and/or exceeds the requirements for use in certified organic agriculture in Canada.


Apply one 11kg (25lb) bag per 20m2 (200ft2) and mix into top 5cm (2”) of soil. May also be mulched onto soil surface and watered in. Good for vegetable gardens, containers, lawns, trees, and shrubs.