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Organic Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

Frankia Fertilizers manufactures and distributes organic fertilizer and soil amendment products for building soil health and growing healthy plants.

We consider soil health to be critically important to our society. Soil produces the food we depend on, it hosts a complex web of symbiotic living organisms, and is it one of our planet’s greatest carbon sinks.

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Our History

We are based in Grand Forks, BC on a rural farm property that has been organically managed for over thirty years, most of those years operating as a certified organic farm.

Over decades of organic management, we have seen our soil transition from rocky glacial till to healthy productive soils abundant with beneficial microorganisms and organic matter.

Not only has the agricultural value of our land improved, atmospheric carbon has been captured and stored in our soil where it directly benefits the plants we grow.

Healthy soil can be built, and we want to help.

What is Frankia?

Frankia is a genus of nitrogen fixing bacteria that live in symbiosis with actinorhizal plants, similar to the Rhizobium bacteria found in the root nodules of legumes. While not of particular significance to agriculture, Frankia forms a symbiotic relationship with many woody shrubs and trees worldwide, including ‘pioneer species’ like Alder.

This nitrogen fixing relationship helps to establish and build soil, increasing fertility and facilitating increased ecological complexity.

The name ‘Frankia Fertilizers’ is a nod to the important soil microbes, their role in building soil and how much that provides for us in providing our food, much of our oxygen, and many of the spaces we live and play in.

Frankia root nodules in Alder