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Organic Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

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Frankia Fertilizers manufactures and distributes organic fertilizer and soil amendment products for building soil health and growing healthy plants. We are based in Grand Forks, BC on a rural farm property that has been organically managed for over thirty years, most of those years operating as a certified organic farm.

Our products comply with Canadian certified organic crop production standards and we work directly with organic certifiers. Our blends utilize a broad spectrum of premium organic inputs to comprehensively support soil health. Use Frankia Fertilizers to add anything that a plant could need to the soil food web.


Dust Controlled Blends

Powdered fertilizers are dusty! To control the dust in our fertilizer blends, we add organic blackstrap molasses using a special technique that greatly reduces dust while maintaining an environment that supports beneficial microbes. Most fertilizer producers use perforated bags and that means dust can escape. We use sealed bags that contain the dust better so your shelves and storage areas stay cleaner. Our retail size pails come with an EZStor resealable lid. This makes it easy to reseal the container after an application to your garden.

We offer a complete line of organic blended fertilizers and premium organic amendments. Products are available in large and medium bags, EZStor pails, and small boxes.

Bulk and custom formulations are also available.

All purpose 4-4-4 organic fertilizer 20kg 10kg 2kg